Radio Plays

Starting in 2008 The Kimpton Players have been producing radio plays in the gap between spring and autumn productions.

The Kimpton Players members can request access to listen to these plays by emailing us at and sharing the email address of a Google Account you'd like to be given access. You can visit to create an account if you haven't got one already.

Be aware these presentations are authorised for non-commercial use only and should not be distributed outside of

Plays and Recordings

Tonight at 8:30

April 2021

Recorded over the COVID lockdown in 2021, 'Tonight at 8.30' was a dramarized reading of 3 one act plays by Noël Coward.

Members who have been given access can listen to these radio plays below.

Recording of Act 1 - Star Chamber by Noël Coward


Recording of Act 2 - Fumed Oak by Noël Coward


Recording of Act 3 - Red Peppers by Noël Coward


"Sorry, wrong number"


What would you do if you overheard someone talking about committing murder? “Sorry, Wrong Number” follows Mrs. Stevenson as she mistakenly comes across such a problem.

Members who have been given access can listen to this radio play below.

Recording of "Sorry, wrong number"


Brief Encounter



Laura - Nicky Jackman
Alec - Arthur South
Fred - David Kazwini

The Lodger


If You Haven't got a Penny


The Mystery of the Tolling Bell