Our beloved Playhouse building is in dire need of replacement.

Built in the 1960s, the Playhouse, situated in the Memorial Hall car park, serves as an important base of operations for the Kimpton Players. Not only do we rehearse all of our productions in the building, it also serves as a storage facility for our costumes and props.

The building, in particular the roof, has been deteriorating for a number of years now. Despite our best efforts and numerous repairs, it has come to the point where the building needs to be replaced.

As a registered charity ourselves, we raise money for all kinds of local charities and organisations. We will continue to raise money and share it to whomever needs help. However, we must raise the funds required to rebuild our Playhouse, because without it the Kimpton Players will no longer be financially viable and unfortunately cease to exist. This will mean the village and these organisations will lose a source of financial aid.

With this in mind, along with pursuing various means of funding, a percentage of the money we make during our productions will be used to fund our rebuild. We will also be holding extra fund raising events over the coming years. So please if you can support us we would really appreciate it.

You can find out more about the various fundraising events below.

Just Giving

Just Giving

We have setup a Just Giving page for anyone generous enough to donate.

Thank you for anything you can spare.