The Kimpton Players

Performing in Kimpton for 70 years
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The 1960’s

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1960 – Cornelia, The Deep Blue Sea, The Happiest Days of Your Life

1961 – My Three Angels, The Sound of Murder

1962 – Watch it Sailor, One Way Pendulum

1963 – When We Are Married, Sleeping Partnership

1964 – The Corn is Green, Middle Watch

1965 – 1st Old Time Music Hall, Rock-a-Bye Sailor, Good Night Mrs Puffin

1966 – 2nd Old Time Music Hall, Photo Finish, The House Master

1967 – 3rd Old Time Music Hall, This Happy Breed, Off the Record

1968 – 4th Old Time Music Hall, The Bride and the Bachelor, A Policeman’s Lot

1969 – 5th Old Time Music Hall, For Better for Worse, Separate Tables



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